Maple Syrup from Hillcroft Farm
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Craig Anderson - Outside Sap Man
Being cold outside, Craig stirs boiling sap to stay warm.  Made a career of talking during other people's sleep as Congregational minister.
Charles Peak, Master Syrup Maker: 2016 - 1st Place in the Hillsborough County Fair & 1st Place Carlisle Award Entry in Hillsborough County
Having steamed wallpaper off the kitchen walls making syrup at home, Charlie's wife Lydia encouraged him to find another venue.  In addition to making Hillcroft Farm run, Charlie now boils down 40 gallons of sap to make one gallon of syrup in a house with a large hole in the roof.
Ned Ligon - Outside Sap Man
Shown handling the "straw" out in the sugar bush,  Ned is the Arthur Vining Davis Professor of Greek and Latin, emeritus, at Roxbury Latin School.  (Rough translation of emeritus: old.)
Charles Townes  -- Founder 
A man out riding (as opposed to out-standing) in his field, Charlie Townes takes a few of his daughters for a spin in the opposite direction of the sugar bush at Hillcroft Farm.  (Can you find the hidden link on this page?)